Hi December

Lantern 1

Sipping sweet and spicy mulled wine from handcrafted clay cups, lit only by the flickering lanterns….. mmmm Christmas. With only days until the big day I thought it was time to remind myself of last year’s celebrations in Bremerhaven, Germany.

We visited every Christmas market we came across in Germany  of which there were many. And the German’s know how to decorate a tree.

Tree 1

The food was not bad either. Which reminds me, I’m planning on making my stomach chuckle with delight at all the glorious food I will consume. I have visions of glazed mince pies surrounding a glistening iced cake decorated with gorgeously chewy gingerbread houses. And curled candy canes. And luscious chocolate truffles.

I could go on, but I have to clean the drool off the keyboard….

Cookie 1