Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror


One from the holiday archives: Vancouver.

Vancouver took A LOT of warming up to. Our first night in the city resulted in an unintentional tour of the less salubrious side of Downtown. But after discovering Stanley Park my view started to shift somewhat. This was taken from the park at low tide, the water still enough to catch a good reflection.


Weekly photo challenge



Canada: wonderful wildlife

Canada: wonderful wildlife

Back in July Mr S and I visited Canada. Our tour took us from Calgary, through the Rockies, to Vancouver (with a bit of extra time in Victoria).

Hailing from the UK where the wildlife is somewhat ‘safe’, I couldn’t get enough of the Canadian critters. Here are a few of my favourite snaps:


On day two of the tour we visited Lake Louise and the Columbia icefields. It also turned out to be BLACK BEAR DAY. In true Goldilocks style, we saw not one, not two but THREE. This fella was having a sniff about near the road and I managed to get a few decent pics from the safety of the coach. Can you believe people were out of their vehicles, kids in tow trying to selfies? Luckily he slumped off, clearly agitated by the attention, before taking too much offence to the cameras.


On the subject of bears, I loved the fact that all of the bins displayed this anti-bear logo. These guys are grizzly bears, which we didn’t get to see… which I’m kinda glad about – they look a bit big.


We also came across these cute deer and mountain sheep on Bear Day….

…and these cheeky little columbian ground squirrels. Maybe I should rename Bear Day, WILDLIFE DAY.


The Rockies had their fair share of animals, but so too did the cities. We spotted several raccoons padding around Vancouver’s Stanley Park. They’re about the size of a cat, so it was rather startling to see them just having a stroll through the park. Rabies is a real threat though, so we kept our distance.


Undeniably a magnificent bird, the heron was our top sighting. Our walk around Stanley Park’s seawall resulted in at least nine heron spots. We also came across a breeding sight (right) in Victoria’s Beacon Hill park.


Finally, the photo I’m most proud of: the butterfly. Sunning itself on the coastline of Beacon Hill park, this flutter allowed me to take its portrait and is surely going to win me critical acclaim as a wildlife photographer [modest].